Ocean Sciences Meeting 2014で研究発表を行いました.


2014年2月23日〜28日にHonoluluで開催されたOcean Sciences Meeting 2014に水研のメンバーが参加しました.


Ryotaro Fuji, Hirohumi Hinata, Satoshi Fujii, Tomoyuki Takahashi, Influence of integration time on the accuracy of estimation of tsunami initial sea surface elevation based on inversion using oceanographic radar

Chisa Kameda and Tomoyuki Takahashi, Numerical modeling on tsunami inundation with detailed urban model and its visualization by using AR technology

Ryuji Kawanaka, Study on evacuation from Tsunami inundation by using Tsunami evacuation building

Megumi Okamoto, Shuji Seto, Tomoyuki Takahashi and Hirohumi Hinata, Numerical experiment on far field and near field tsunamis concerning Oceanographic Radar observation

Shuji Seto, Tomoyuki Takahashi and Yoshinari Hayashi, Upgrading Tsunami Warning by Using the GPS-Mounted Buoys in the Nankai Trough